Quick Change Direct Flow RO System Wasserstelle

QuickChange Direct Flow RO system Wasserstelle

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Quick Change Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis  Wasserstelle, No Tank

This is a brilliantly engineered water filter unit that is designed to provide you with the best quality water that is fit to be used. When we replace the filters, there is always this risk of germs getting transferred to the interiors of the system, which is obviously not a good sign. But with this water filter plant, there is no such issue. The filters in this unit are integrated into the housing and one does not need a key to replace the cartridge. The water is properly filtered while it is getting collected and thus no tank as such is required.

Equipped with an electric booster pump and an automatic membrane flushing
Complete removal of harmful particles like organic impurities, airborne particles, lime, etc.
Optional Mineral Filter that adds little amount of minerals into the water
Technical specifications:
Measurement: 42 cm x 27cm x 48cm
Max. 1,140 litres daily capacity (at 20 ° C water temperature)
Recommended filter change: pre-filter every 6 months, post-filter every 12 months
Recommended membrane change: every 36 - 48 months



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