Why using a water filter? Is it really neccessary?

I thing the water quality is good enough.

You hear this statement again and again. The fact is, however, that only about 100 substances are observed by the Drinking Water Ordinance, of which limit values ​​are also set. However, there are more than 2,000 substances and far more substance combinations in our tap water. Drug residues in particular are repeatedly found in drinking water. There are currently no limit values ​​for these substances in the drinking water ordinance. More and more people want to be sure and choose a good water filter e.g. of carbonite or a reverse osmosis system in order to have as few (harmful) substances in the water as possible.

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 Carbonit water filters, multipure filter systems, fridge filters and reverse osmosis systems of the latest generation are part of our standard range. Service and advice (even after the purchase) are a matter of course for us. When buying online, you do not pay shipping costs from an invoice value of EUR 50. Test us, you will be pleasantly surprised! Visit us in our specialty shop in Berlin (Friedrichshain). Find your favorite water with a free water tasting!

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Our water filter store in Berlin will advise you on questions about decalcifying and de-ironing tap water using microfiltration, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration. A simple way of water filtration is a simple house water filter with filtration through an activated carbon block filter. For example, the activated carbon filters from the German company Carbonit remove unwanted substances such as pesticides, drug residues and heavy metals such as lead. We also offer American filter systems such as Multipure.

Calcification of the water can be counteracted by a reverse osmosis system or an ion exchanger. Lime can clog pipes and destroy household appliances. The taste is also negatively affected. Here we have very inexpensive yet high quality descaling systems on offer. An alternative lime treatment with seed crystals can also be used here. The water flows through a granulate that changes the structure of the lime. This means that it no longer stubbornly sticks and cannot cause any damage. We would be happy to find an individual solution for you.

You can also get devices for water revitalization or vitalization, such as water whirlers and vital sticks. The water clusters are to be broken up and the water is revitalized by using a water whirl. As in the great outdoors, when the water flows over stones, it can regenerate itself here. A gem chamber is built into the aqua whirler or whirling machine, which you can fill with gemstones. In turn, ionizing devices can be used to produce basic, alkaline, antioxidative water. This is a water that is brought to a higher basic pH value using an electrolysis process.

This process has been in use in Korea and Japan since the 1980s. There are studies that show a positive effect of water. An upstream water filter ensures the necessary purity of the water. The most popular water filters from Carbonit are the benchtop filters SanUNO and VARIO Classic. We also offer suitable cartridges in almost all sizes for water filters for activated carbon filtration.

We also offer solutions for aquarists, e.g. with high nitrate values ​​in the water for the aquarium.

An activated carbon filter from Carbonit or an osmosis system is suitable for private households. Drinking water filters can remove medication residues, lime, iron, lead and other heavy metals, pesticides, asbestos, hormone-like substances and of course lime from the water. Inexpensive water filters such as the Carbonit Sanuno or the Vario can also be easily connected. A good reverse osmosis system or a steam distiller can also be a solution. "Call us, we are happy to help".

House water filter or water filter for wells, iron removal:

If a water filter is to be purchased for the whole house, a 20 inch water filter is recommended. Here the flow is high enough for the entire water supply. Either an activated carbon block filter, an activated carbon granulate filter or an iron filter can be used as a filter insert. This is also often used as a well filter with a corresponding housing. The well water is often brown or brownish in color and smells unpleasant. A high iron content is responsible for this. With an iron removal cartridge in a 20 inch water filter housing, iron and manganese can be easily removed. Because often the well water is contaminated with iron and manganese at the same time.

Filter cartridges, cartridges, replacement filters:

The filter block NFP Premium from Carbonit has a filter fineness of 0.45µm. It is used in water filters such as SanUNO and VARIO Classic. High-quality activated carbon cartridges such as the NFP Clario or the IFP Puro with 0.15 µm filter fineness can even remove bacteria and many viruses from the water. The filter change after 6 months must be observed. As the flow rate decreases, it becomes apparent that filtered substances in the water slowly clog the filter.

Whether water whirler or activated carbon block, whether reverse osmosis system or well filter. You will find it with us. The NFP Premium EM-X5 (EM = Effective Micro-Organisms) is new on the market. With baked "Effective Microorganisms" EM an amazing taste improvement can be achieved. The water revitalization can be tasted most clearly here. EM ceramics are believed to have an influence on the cluster structure of the water and to vitalize the water. In forums for aquarists you can read that the use of water filtered with EM ceramics allows the plants to thrive better, algae growth is contained, fish diseases in the aquarium become less common and the fish are generally more agile.

The filtration for decalcification and water revitalization that we offer works completely chemical-free. The high effectiveness of microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration are confirmed by reports from various institutes and universities. The individual components of our filter systems based on the principle of reverse osmosis are often NSF and / or FDA tested. The TÜV has tested the NFP Premium water filter cartridge from Carbonit, which is used in the SanUNO and VARIO Classic. The TÜV confirms that the NFP Premium effectively reduces heavy metals such as lead and copper. Other reports, such as that from Bielefeld University, confirm the bacterial retention of the NFP Premium filter cartridge. You see water treatment is a comprehensive topic that needs personal advice. Contact the specialist shop for water filters in Berlin.

Water filter for side by side refrigerators

So-called side by side refrigerators are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Whether from Samsung, Bosch Panasonic or Liebherr. Almost every refrigerator manufacturer now also offers side by side refrigerators. These have an integrated ice cube container and a water dispenser. The built-in water filter protects the refrigerator from contamination by substances contained in the water. The filter change required every 6 months can be very expensive if you order the refrigerator filter regularly from the manufacturer. Here we offer inexpensive original filters, but also more affordable compatible filters, which in terms of quality and performance do not have to shy away from the comparison to the original water filter for the refrigerator.


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