MFP 10 micron carbon block

MFP 10 micron carbon block

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Water Filter Cartridges
Activated Carbon Block Filtration With 10 Microns

These activated carbon block filter, activated carbon dust produced from the finest solid homogeneous moldings are characterized by the exceptional adsorption capacity compared to conventional activated carbon beds. The natural surface of the carbon block filter is two times greater than that of the granular activated carbon filter. Consequently, these cartridges have a longer life and increased adsorption capacity. These filter cartridges ensure filtration of fine particles down to the given filtration. They are especially recommended for the reduction of chlorine and organic impurities.

- Operating temperature 2 ° C-45 ° C
- Capacity of approximately 8,000 liters or 6 months * (whichever comes first)
- Pressure drop: 0.2-0.4 bar
- Flow rate: about 6-8 liters per minute (depending on line pressure)
- Suitable "for all 10 filter housing
- Filtefeinheit: 10 microns carbon block

* Depending on the water quality and nature of impurities.

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