Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges

Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges

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Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges

Remove the filter cartridges FCCA with granular activated carbon chlorine and organic manner of suspended solids, causing the bad taste and odor of water. 6l/min 3-6 months or 5600 liters, Pressure drop: 0.2-0.4 bar

The filter cartridges FCCB with 50% granular activated carbon from coconut shells contain a special fine-grained activated carbon with high adsorption capacity, which easily removes chlorine and its derivatives as well as many organic substances from the water. Sun flavor, aroma and color of the water can be improved. The water flows through the entire filter bed of the activated carbon cartridge and the maximum adsorption of the impurities is thus assured. 6l/min 3-6 months or 7200 liters, Pressure drop: 0.3-0.5 bar

The filter cartridges FCCBDKF contains finely granular activated carbon granules of a larger adsorption KDF ® special formula, which is composed of copper and zinc. This alloy has a bakteriestatische effect against undesirable bacteria development on the granular activated carbon. The alloy of copper and zinc acts as a micro cell, and produces a uniform electric field in which the bacteria can not develop. In addition, the KDF ® formula suggested many oxidized and reduction reactions, reduce heavy metals such as iron, lead, cadmium and arsenic. The cartridge also effectively eliminates chlorine and hydrogen sulfide. To the activated carbon cartridge to protect from clogging by mechanical impurities such as sand and mud, the use of Vorfilterkartuschen is highly recommended. 6l/min 3-6 months or 8000 liters, Pressure drop: 0.2-0.4 bar

The activated carbon cartridge FCCBHD includes a special fine-grained charcoal from coconut shells, which was made with phosphoric acid in the production process active. Coal guarantees exceptional adsorption of chlorine and its derivatives, all manner more molecular compounds and organic impurities. It improves taste and odor of water. The activated carbon cartridge FCCBHD is recommended for reverse osmosis systems. 6l/min 3-6 months or 8000 liters, Pressure drop: 0.2-0.4 bar

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