Anti-scale cartridge 5 inches

Anti-scale cartridge 5 inches

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Anti-scale cartridge 5 inches

Water filter cartridge for the decalcification of your tap water

Wasserenthärtungskartuschen these for use in the kitchen, including a specific ion-exchange granules with a high ability to remove calcium and magnesium hardness to the water. As a result, the water is soft. Calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged against innocuous Sodaionen (sodium Carbonicum). Hard water causes lime deposits in water supply pipes, heating systems, washing machines and many household appliances. The dissolved calcium, iron, and magnesium particles destroy clothes, dry out the skin and spoil the taste of food and beverages. The filter cartridges have been specifically designed so that the water flows through the entire ion exchange granules, to obtain the maximum filtration efficiency secured.

- Large ion exchange capacity (2 mEq / l)
- Cartridge size 5 inches
- 10 micron polypropylene - filter insert piece
- NSF, FDA recognition
- Operating temperature 2-52 C
- Capacity of about 1000 liters or 4 months (whichever comes first)
- Pressure drop: 0.2-0.4 bar
- Flow: 3 liters per minute (depending on line pressure)



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