Standard Refrigerator Water Filter

Standard Refrigerator Water Filter

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refrigerator filter

High performance water filter example Samsung refrigerator for all stand-refrigerators (side by side) with external filter

Saving Tip: If you purchase 3 units, you get 4 pieces delivered (Rabatt3 +1).

This filter fits e.g. refrigerators for GE, Daewoo, Miele, LG, Samsung, for example: RS21DCMS1, RS21DCNS1, RS21DCSV1, RS21 FHNS, RS21FCSV1, RS21FGRS1, SS20SH1, SS20SH2, SS20SP1, SS20WG1, SS20WH1, SS20WH2, SS20WH3, SS20WH5, SS20XA1, SS20XM1, SS20XM2, SS20XS1 , S24ADESWQN, S24AHESWQN, SR-S2229CSS, SR-S2029LAS, SR-S2228D, SR-S2029GRS, SR-S2229D, SR-S24FTA, FCMS RS21, RS-21 FCMS, LG BL9808, BL 9808, Wpro Amana, Hotpoint Fridges, Kuppersbusch, Atag, GE SmartWater GX-Series and many other models. Replaced WSF 100 and EF 9603rd

The filters are not suitable for refrigerators that have an internal water filter (in bottles or spherical shape).

Specifications of filters:

Maximum Flow: 3.8 liters per min / Maximum Pressure: 125 psig / 8.5 bar
Temperature: 2-38 degrees Celsius / Life: 6 months / up to 7700 liters

After the drinking water regulations (DIN 1988) all drinking water filter should be replaced after 6 months (to avoid contamination), even if the filter has a larger capacity.

how it works:

The filter cleans the water of rust, chlorine, organic compounds and sediments. The result is a significant improvement in taste.

Hardly any deposits in the water and Eissystem your refrigerator.

Delivery: 1 Water filter with 1/4 "connectors (see picture)

(Connections must be installed with Teflon tape or other sealant which is not included)



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