Pre-filter, 3-5x reusable

Pre-filter, 3-5x reusable

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Pre-filter, 3-5x reusable

These economical reusable cartridges are made of polyester. A large adsorption surface increased filtration capacity and lifetime of the filter cartridge. Refer mechanical impurities from the water such as sand, mud and rust particles to 10 microns. By rinsing under running water can be regenerated polyester cartridges (up to 5 times).

  •      The cartridge can be regenerated repeatedly and cleaned under running water.
  •      Increased filtration area.
  •      Operating temperature: 1oC to 52oC.
  •      Low pressure drop (0.2-0.4 bar) at high flow rate (20 L / min).
  •      Life 3 to 5 months * up to 10,000 liters
  •      These cartridges were designed for the filtration of all kinds of mechanical impurities and slurries to 10 or 20 microns
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