PI® Cell Vitalizer

PI® Cell Vitalizer

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PI® Cell Vitalizer
Original I.B.E.- PI®-Water Treatment

To enhance your besteheden reverse osmosis system!

Needed for the PI ®-cell vitalizer approximately 1.2 - 1.5 "push" bar to the water evenly through the device to.

Our tap water is now far removed from the natural state. Life support metabolic processes are not optimal support.

Living cells in all organisms need simply "good" water.
Thanks to the PI ® POWER COMPACT technology, the water passes because of its special purity, its cell-compliant and its vital energy levels, ordered molecular structure easily and safely: In the cell.

And unfolds its health benefits:
can purify and detoxify
can regenerate
can strengthen the immune system
can promote healthy growth
can increase vitality
First Rotating PI ® ceramic balls and the spiral flow upward swirl thoroughly the incoming water. Harmful information will be deleted and reduces the cluster size of water molecules.

Second BCS-PI ® ceramics emit positive electromagnetic vibrations that affect the energetic structure, and the polarity ("electron spin")

Third Residents of the southern Japanese islands of Okinawa coral have an exceptionally high average life expectancy of 105 years. The explanation for this unique phenomenon is the effect of the so-called Sango coral. This coral, which belong to the most primitive of the primal ocean microorganisms can regulate the mineral ion content and the pH of the water. Unlike many popular dietary supplements deliver ionized coral minerals and trace elements with high bioavailability for the organism.

4th These patented ceramic balls with organic calcium emit Ca ions and thus provide for a minor mineralization. The water regains its balance and natural balance.

5th Selected Japanese mountain crystals increase the antioxidant power by the electron activity of the water is increased.

6th In the sixth phase BCS PI ® ceramics are supported by zeolite crystals: they act as highly porous biocatalysts and can together with the BCS-PI ® ceramic optimize the energizing

7th In the final phase of PI ® POWER COMPACT technology Energieniveaudes the water flowing through is set to the optimum for the coordination of the energy value of human cell water (process according YAMASHITA).

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