Lime catalysis scale protection cartridge

Lime catalysis scale protection cartridge

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Lime catalysis scale protection cartridge

Catalytic lime treatment with long-term effects in the household

Lime treatment of the future: For highly efficient protection of your expensive equipment in the dishes and washing laundry.

The infamous "Kalkinfarkt" threatens wherever hard water flows through the pipes. The harder the water, the more massive limestone is deposited into hot water installation systems.

The operation of the Catalysator granules is amazingly simple. In nature, there is a process in which the water is converted into tiny calcium crystals dissolved lime. Shells and corals use this so-called biomineralization to build their calcium skeleton. The crystals thus formed are removed with the water flowing past, and the lime precipitable rinsed in crystalline form.

Keep all minerals are retained and the water is of drinking quality of TVO.

By Catalysator the kalkverursachenden ingredients brought in water to crystallize and can accumulate no more. The charge-neutral particles are flushed out with the water, without aggressive water by a pH change - produce - as ion exchangers.

When flowing through the cartridge flow over the dissolved Kalkmoleküle the surfaces of a completely new developed granulate, has a positive effect as the catalyst: the granule surfaces are designed so that the Kalkmoleküle when touched this matrix precipitate in crystalline form and rapidly grow into calcite.

After connecting these same old growth in these crystals adhere Catalysator not on other surfaces shall be kept suspended in the water.

Kalkbehandeltes water requires less chemistry with the dishes (detergent, salt) and less detergent when washing laundry in the machine.

At (recommended) use in combination with CARBONIT monoblock filter made of activated carbon, always turn the carbon block and then insert the cartridge lime catalysis.

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