CB-5 for Multi Pure Premium MP-400

CB-5 for Multi Pure Premium MP-400

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CB-5 for Multi Pure Premium MP-400

Replacement filters "Made in Germany" suitable for all Multi-Pure filter

The filter cartridges SANACELL CB-5 and CB-Premium Premium 6, suitable for all MULTI-PURE Filter - are a joint development of SANACELL Handels GmbH and CARBONIT Filter GmbH

With the filter manufacturer CARBONIT we won the largest European manufacturers of carbon block filters as a partner. CARBONIT produced in Germany activated carbon blocks, which are specially adapted to the European situation. The retention of bacteria is essential for a carbon block. Unlike in the U.S., in Germany, the drinking water is not chlorinated. In order to achieve high retention performance, the pore size of 0.45 microns finer than that of the Multi-Pure replacement filters.

By intensive livestock farming and agriculture must be particularly directed our attention to hormones, drug residues and pesticides. The CARBONIT filter for these substances are tested on their retention performance. Filter safety and enjoyment are the premises of our recommendations. So, for the replacement filter replacement cycle to two criteria. Heavy metals are e.g. retained by the activated charcoal to the filter pores are closed and no water passes through the filter. It can sometimes take years. The situation is different with microorganisms. Here it is a question of time when they pass through the filter. The CARBONIT activated carbon blocks are tested for at least 6 months and secure. There are aspects of your health and safety when we recommend changing the filter every 6 months.

In Germany there is no drinking water filter standards. Among other things, but in the DIN 1988 a household filter described. Again, the exchange period is a result of research and experience of the DVGW recommended after six months to prevent a bacteriological risk.

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