Aquawhirler water vortex AW8 - Inline

Aquawhirler water vortex AW8 - Inline

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Aquawhirler Inline Re-8

The ideal water vortex for all customers at no tap water vortex

can connect or want

The Aquawhirler inline (AW-8) is similar in structure to the proven AW Piccolo. The AW-8 is installed in the water line to the undersink filter. The best place is right at the entrance of the filter faucet.

At the entrance of the AW-8 is 3/8 "male thread to fit standard reinforced hoses. At the exit, there is a 3/8 "female thread. Matching Adapter for connecting to a filter taps (AD-65) is available as an option. In general, this adapter is when you buy a faucet filter for that matter.

Additional energizing:

After the turbulence of a small chamber with precious stones is integrated. The filling consists of one third of rock crystals, rose quartz and amethyst. It can also fill EM ceramic or other energizing media. With appropriate quantity of AW-8 can also be ordered without a filling, or with special filling.

AW-8 to 3/8 "high pressure hose connection example to filter tap

Weight: 105g Material: Chrome-plated brass or brass Ecobrass ® (AW-8E)
Connections: Inlet: 3/8 "male thread output: 3/8" female
Size: about 51mm (without adapter) x 25 (widest part)

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